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PostSubject: BENQ DVD DRIVE PROBLEM. QUESTION. PLEASE ANSWER.   Sun Feb 28, 2010 7:25 am

So a couple months ago my Xbox started acting funny. It wouldn't read my discs and started running very hot. Eventually it got Red Rings and Burnt up my Benq disc drive. So my friend said well i can repair your xbox since my warranty was up. So i gave it to him and a couple weeks later got it back without red rings and it was running good as new. So i put in COD MW2 and it goes to DVD mode and says to play this game please insert it into a Xbox 360. So im like wtf. So i call my friend and he doesnt answer. So i say fuck it and open up my xbox on my own watching a you tube video. So i get to the motherboard and i notice i now have a hitatchi drive instead of a benq one. So my question is Do i have to have another benq drive or is this a motherboard/hardware problem. And if i do can i swap the benq with another benq and it will work? Please message back.
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